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Personal Training

A personal trainer will pay close attention to your exercise form, workout routine, and nutrition plan. They motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to clients. How often have you driven to the gym, get there, can’t be bothered and just fluff around an exercise program? Or start with all enthusiasm and lose interest after a few weeks and still locked into that contract!

There are many reasons to engage the services of a personal trainer.

This is often a key one. Having that appointment in your diary to take time out for your health makes you exercise. During your session, your trainer will find the best way to motivate and guide you to get the best out of your program.

Personal Trainers help you focus on results and stop wasting your time doing inefficient workouts. A personal trainer has aplan and will help you get maximum results in minimum time. They will also ensure your technique for each exercise is correct, ensuring you are receiving the maximum benefit from your workout. Work smarter not longer.

Individual and varied programs
Help to reduce boredom and reach your goals faster. It is not a one size fits all when it comes to exercise.

You become responsible and accountable for your health and fitness. We help to educate you and provide steps required to reach your goals. Each week you know you have to report in with what you have been doing outside of your training sessions! It is much harder to skip a workout when you are paying for a session with a trainer.

Lose Weight
There is a good reason that the number one reason people hire personal trainers is to lose weight and get into shape — it works. If you made a resolution to lose the fat and build the muscle, a trainer can keep you on track and help you realize that goal.

Break through plateaus
Ok, you are already in pretty decent shape, but you’ve been there for years. If you are stuck in the same routine and want to break out of a rut, a personal trainer is the perfect solution. A trainer will jump start, not only your motivation, but your routine as well.

And the list goes on. Be it one of the above reasons, or specific goals such as body building, muscle gain, weight loss, improving general fitness, improving core strength to improve your balance in daily activities, or maybe you are new to exercise and need help to get started – whatever the reason our trainers can help you reach those goals.

Pick up the phone and call for a chat or email for more information.

Common objections
They are too expensive – I can’t afford that!

Really? A trainer starts at $30 a session. That is one less take away meal a week (which you won’t want when you are seeing a trainer anyway), one less take away coffee a day, a bottle of wine – the list could go on, but you get my point. Maybe you have joined gyms and rarely used them, started expensive diets and given up?

You are worth the time and money of a trainer as it is all about you.

I’m too busy..
I work, I keep the house, I run kids everywhere etc etc.

How important is your health? How will you do everything if you become unfit and unwell? How will you keep up with the kids if they can run faster than you?

Is it not worth finding the time each week to improve and maintain your health and fitness than letting it go?

I’m too tired..
Exercise actually gives you energy and boots endorphins! The first few weeks are probably the hardest while you are getting into a routine and improving your nutrition intake but then you should be busting to train.

You can find plenty of excuses why not to train… find one really important reason to train… YOU.

What to expect
There is no yelling or screaming – from us anyway! It may come from you! We motivate and push you and make sure you are working hard.

First thing we do is find out about you – your goals, lifestyle, diet, exercise history, injuries and then we work out what will suit you. It is important to make a commitment to yourself. Everyone is busy but your health and fitness is a priority to ensure you can keep up with your lifestyle.

Next we weigh (not just weight as we need fat and muscle levels too) and measure and record all the information so we have a starting point. A program is then developed and off we go training! Results, results, results…

What to bring
Water bottle and towel and wear comfortable gym clothes and lots of enthusiasm.

30 minute session $30.00


The “Vibrosaun Machine” simulates the effect of exercise in a reclining position. A therapeutic dry sauna consisting of a padded vibrating bed, & dry heat which circulates through the unit over & under the bed. Whilst cold air keeps your head & face cool, the rest of the body is inside the machine.


By combining the two together you increase the blood flow & oxygen. The body cells use oxygen to burn up carbohydrates such as starch, etc. It also accelerates the kidney function in the removal of lactic acid & body wastes. Your circulation will increase, fluid retention relieved, blood pressure lowered, relieved muscle aches & pains, greatly relieving tension & stress, you will be left rejuvenated & on your way to total well-being.

30 minute session $30.00


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