AshAsh AKA the Glamour Queen

Random fact – She played the violin all through primary school and is obsessed with Disney princess movies, in particular, Beauty and the Beast.

Ashleigh has been pole dancing for about 2.5 years. She started pole because she and friend wanted to have an activity that they could do together each week, where they could have a giggle and build their fitness and core strength at the same time. Coming from a netball background, pole dancing was defiantly something different for Ashleigh, but after her first class, she was addicted! Ashleigh loves to push herself and build her strength, that being said, she’s always up for playing with some spins, floor work and practising her twerking.

Ashleigh is enthusiastic about teaching and helping to build the fitness of the people in her class. Ashleigh loves seeing the smiles on her students’ faces when they nail a move or even realise how much strength they’ve built up.

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