Meet Chantal
Apparatus: Can I get a Hoop Hoop and silks
Starting with Dance Chantal has tried many different activities until she found Aerial. Coming to the Aerial fit taste teaser she found her true passion of flying through the air. Not being able to decide what apparatus to start with, Chantal decided to jump in and sign up to hoop silks and pole. After a few years chantal started dedicating her training to Aerials and eventually started teaching in 2015.
Chantal will be the first to tell you that she found her family at Aerial Fit and the support and love is something she wants to give back to her students.
When she isn’t in the studio, she is playing with her little boy 🤱 and puppy 🐶
After having a baby recently chantal is dedicated to helping mums and dads achieve their fitness goals.

Chantal has a certificate 3 in fitness.

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