Meet Rach one of the first pole instructors at Aerial fit

Random fact – She is a crazy Barbie Doll collector.
Rachel has been pole dancing for about 10 years and instructing at AerialFit for 9 years and had 2 babies in this time.
Rachel started Pole because she could not find the motivation to exercise at the gym or on her own. She fell in love after her first class.
When Rachel was young she dabbled in different activities like gymnastics, drama, hip hop dance etc…. Nothing lasted longer than a year.
Rachel loves teaching and helping people to achieve their pole goals. If you have ever been to one of her classes they are lots fun, there are lots of laughs but still hard work at the same time. She is a fully qualified personal trainer and she also pole-danced while she was pregnant and has studied pre and post natal exercise.
When Rach isn’t at the Pole studio she is designing and making sports/pole wear for the brand RARR

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