Pole Dancing Classes

Pole Dancing

Why pole dancing/fitness?
Our classes are designed to get YOU up and about – literally! Along with a class full of fun and soon to be friends you will experience a whole range of health benefits and you won’t even realise it’s happening! You will feel the build of inner strength – both physically and mentally! The skills and tricks that you learn will make you challenge yourself and inspire you to get higher than the last time! Come and get up and about with us – laugh, strengthen and feel good!

What should I wear?
For your first few beginners pole dance fitness classes, wear comfortable clothes. By week four you will be starting to climb so you will need to bring shorts – this is the week you may want to bring shoes or purchase some ankle grips or dance knee pads for pole. From there on you need skin, so while you may turn up in trackies, you will need pole shorts and t-shirt or crop top to grip as you go up in levels.

Please remember no lotions or fake tans on the day of your pole class as you will make the poles slippery and your grip will be less, and no hand or ankle/ feet jewellery or buckles or zips as they damage our poles.

How long are my classes?
Pole dance fitness classes run for 1 hour each week for 8 weeks. If you want to pick up a second class there is a great discount of 40% off on the second class in the same term!

About our Pole Dance Classes
Aerial Fit’s pole fitness classes are a structured curriculum – 8 weeks duration. Each week you learn new moves and practice moves already learned. This not only improves your technique, but also helps to build the strength required to go up in levels to more difficult moves. Structured levels also ensure the students are at a similar level and making sure you get the most from your pole classes. We do run cardio pole, stretch and bootcamp as casual classes.

What should I bring?
This is a workout so don’t forget your water and towel.

Still not sure?
Call and make a time to come down and see the studio for yourself and chat to our friendly staff.

Always remember that we like all our students to enjoy their classes with us. If you are unsure or feel that you are not keeping up or the class is below your level, please speak with our instructors or staff to see if we can help.

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Pole dancing


Class Descriptions

Pole Fitness Beginners (Level 1)
If you have never seen a pole before do not despair. This class is for everyone – even for those who think they are too weak, too big, too old, too unco-ordinated. Forget all the excuses and jump in. The beginner class takes you through the basic holds, spins, climbs and then you combine them into a nice routine to give you the cardio element of your workout. NO PRIOR FITNESS OR POLE EXPERIENCE NEEDED.

Pole Fitness Level 2
Time to go upside down.

You can now climb and sit so get those core muscles working and view the world with your feet up the pole.

Learn new moves up the pole and spend more time off the ground.

Pole Fitness Level 3
Let’s evolve our basic inverts into new variations. We start to build our strength and endurance for the next level.

But still lots of new spins.

Pole Fitness Level 4
Love being upside down…..this level is all about learning the foundation of inverted moves.

Each week you will learn 3 new moves.

Pole Fitness Level 5
Now you know the foundation of inverted moves, its time to join them all together and create combinations.

Pole Fitness Level 6
This is the level you put all our combinations into a routine. Pick up the pace of your pole dancing by adding music and timing to your routine.

Pole Fitness Level 7
Moves are getting a lot harder, it’s here where we start to learn Ayesha and some major strength moves.

Pole Fitness Level 8
Lots of new aerial moves in this level, plus strength building moves and a mini routine.

Pole Fitness Level 9
Time to start coming up with our own combinations, picking our favourites moves, to create a flowing combo to your own music.

Pole Fitness Level 10
Flexibility starts to play a part in some of the moves we start to learn in this level. We work on Jade splits and Allegra.

Pole Fitness Advanced and Platinum
By invitation only and definitely not for the faint hearted.

Pole Fitness Mens Pole
Pole isn’t just for chicks you know-the guys can do it too! Improve your strength and use those muscles to climb, invert, flag and so much more. Beats pumping out bicep curls at the gym.

Pole Fitness Jam
These classes run intermittently. They are a supervised session where you can work on moves that you are struggling with or maybe work on some combinations. No new tricks or moves will be taught in this session.